Welcome to the home website of the Gwynedd Astronomical Society. Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month in the Brambell Building of Bangor University in Deiniol Road in Bangor at 7.30pm. Parking is available at the back of the building. Please do not park in ASDA's car park as you are liable to receive a parking fine.

Croeso i wefan Cymdeithas Seryddol Gwynedd. Cynhelir cyfarfodydd ar Nos Iau gyntaf pob mis yn adeilad Brambell Prifysgol Bangor yn Ffordd Deiniol, Bangor am 7.30. Mae llefydd parcio ar gael tu cefn i'r adeilad. Os gwelwch yn dda, peidiwch รข pharcio ym maes parcio ASDA oherwydd rydych yn debygol o dderbyn dirwy parcio ganddynt.

Contact us now!     Davyth Fear,  Brwynog, Ffordd yr Orsaf, Llanrug, Gwynedd  LL55 4AG   (01286) 672882

A member of the Society will be at the Main Entrance to guide you to the room.

Bydd aelod o'r Gymdeithas ger y Prif Fynedfa i'ch tywys i'r ystafell.



Jan         D Smith               Isaac Roberts - Welsh astronomer 

                                             (N.B. meeting on January 8th not January 1st)

Feb         D Fear                 The astronomical legacy of Genghis Khan - revisited

Mar        D Jones                Comets and the Rosetta probe

Apr         J Thompson         How to find the stars

May        D Fear                  Vesta

Jun         Practical session on how to use a telescope.

Jul          "10 minute lecturettes"        Members share any news item / subject of interest

Sep         D Fear                  Science fiction or science fact

Oct         Kerry Reid              Volcanoes

Oct 10    British Astronomical Association 'Back to basics' workshop, St Asaph       


Nov        H Mithan              New Horizon and Pluto

Dec         D Jones                Asteroids

LECTURES 2016      

Jan         G Williams          New planets and the search for extraterrestrial life

Feb         N Brown              Shared names of nature and  the night sky

                           Meeting to be held in the Brambell building, Ffordd Deiniol

Mar        Practical session on how to use a telescope

Apr        D Fear                  Two competing theories on Mercury's low reflectance surface

               J Mithan              Rupes Recta - the Moon's 'Straight Line'

               D W Jones           An introduction to the 55 Cancri system

               I DePledge           Laniakea - our own supercluster

               N Ahmed              The discovery of a white dwarf with an oxygen atmosphere

May        N Ahmed             A brief introduction to astrophotography

Jun         D W Jones           Hyper-velocity stars

Jul          R Wynn               The economics of space exploration

Sep         J Mithan              Dark matter - a threat to life?

Oct         P Wise                 A brief history of the telescope

Nov        N Ahmed              The Galactic Eye of Sauron - NGC 4151

               D Jones                Ultra-luminous X-Ray sources in NGC 5128 - Centaurus A

               D Jones                Planet 9 and the tilt of the Sun

               J Ditchfield          Astronaut twins - Scott and Mark Kelly

               D Fear                 Proxima Centauri

Dec        Quiz night


Jan        D Jones                How to stop a dinosaur killer

Feb       DW Jones             Climate change 

Mar      D Fear                  Active galactic nuclei

Apr       R Wynn               Stardust speckled gutters

              D Fear                 Lomonosov Crater on Mars

              DW Jones           QSO 3C 186 Gravitational waves and a recoiling black hole

May      N Ahmed             "May the fourth be with you"

Jun       Members contributions - bring a 10 minute lecturette with you

Jul        Practical session "Using a hydrogen alpha solar scope"

Sep       R Wynn                Evolving out-of-this-world opportunities for venture capital

                                           Space artistry - a review of studies from five major craftsmen

Oct       Practical session "How to use a telescope" - Aberogwen

Nov      tba

Dec      tba



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