Welcome to the home website of the Gwynedd Astronomical Society. Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month at the University Botanical Garden at Treborth at 7.30pm. There are parking spaces there. Turn left just before the Menai Bridge.

Croeso i wefan Cymdeithas Seryddol Gwynedd. Cynhelir cyfarfodydd ar Nos Iau gyntaf pob mis yn adeilad Gardd Fotanegol y Brifysgol, Treborth am 7.30. Mae llefydd parcio ar gael yno. Trowch i'r chwith ar y troad i fynd ar y Bont Fenai.

Contact us now!     Davyth Fear,  Brwynog, Ffordd yr Orsaf, Llanrug, Gwynedd  LL55 4AG   (01286) 672882

A member of the Society will be at the Main Entrance to guide you to the room.

Bydd aelod o'r Gymdeithas ger y Prif Fynedfa i'ch tywys i'r ystafell.


Jan     J Mithan           The constellation 'Auriga'

Feb     N Ahmed          Finding needles in a haystack - navigating the celestial sphere

Mar    D Robinson      Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve - the project so far and the future

Apr    P Hayman         Meteor Crater and cratering

May   G Williams        Gravity

Jun     D Fear               Jantar Mantar

Jul      N Crumpton    Universal string theory / Using Saharan solar energy

           D Fear              Fungal contamination in space / Dragonfly - a quad-copter probe to Titan

           J Mithan          Sending only women into space

           C Morris          The Apollo 11 Moon landing

           N Ahmed          13 minutes to the Moon / Apollo in real time

           J Thompson     Is a new Solar maximum due?

Sep     D Fear              The early history of the Earth 1 (4,570 - 3,500 Mya)

Oct     D Fear              The early history of the Earth 2 (3,500 - 1,000 Mya)

Nov    P Williamson   From Herschel to Hawkwind

Dec    Christmas Quiz 


Jan     C Morris          The history of lunar observing

           J Mithan           Betelgeuse

           D Fear               Interstellar objects

           N Ahmed          video about the Starlink project

           G Williams       The importance of metals for intelligent life

Feb    T Snelus            Cloudy sky astronomy - home radio astronomy set ups

Mar   J Mithan           Peculiar stars

Apr   cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak

May  cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak

Jun   cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak

Jul    cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak

Sep   C Morris            Mars

Oct   G Williams        Exoplanets

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