Welcome to the home website of the Gwynedd Astronomical Society. Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month in the Brambell Building of Bangor University in Deiniol Road in Bangor at 7.30pm. Parking is available at the back of the building. Please do not park in ASDA's car park as you are liable to receive a parking fine.

Croeso i wefan Cymdeithas Seryddol Gwynedd. Cynhelir cyfarfodydd ar Nos Iau gyntaf pob mis yn adeilad Brambell Prifysgol Bangor yn Ffordd Deiniol, Bangor am 7.30. Mae llefydd parcio ar gael tu cefn i'r adeilad. Os gwelwch yn dda, peidiwch รข pharcio ym maes parcio ASDA oherwydd rydych yn debygol o dderbyn dirwy parcio ganddynt.

Contact us now!     Davyth Fear,  Brwynog, Ffordd yr Orsaf, Llanrug, Gwynedd  LL55 4AG   (01286) 672882

A member of the Society will be at the Main Entrance to guide you to the room.

Bydd aelod o'r Gymdeithas ger y Prif Fynedfa i'ch tywys i'r ystafell.


Jan      D Fear                 Names, stars and galaxies

Feb      A Bant                 The post-processing of monochrome images

Mar     meeting cancelled due to adverse weather

Apr      N Ahmed            Gravity without the Bullock

May     D Froebrich        HOYS-CAPS - A citizen science project for amateur astronomers

Jun      D Jones               How Spirit rover got to Mars - video

            D Jones               New evidence for stars formation 250 million years after the Big Bang

            P Hayman          A visit to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona

            C Morris            Norman Lockyer and Sidmouth

            N Ahmed            NASA spots an asteroid on a crash course with Earth

            N Ahmed            An image of the Western Veil Nebula (Witch's Broom)

Jul       D Fear                 [1]  Future space telescopes

                                         [2]  Undae -  dunes in the Solar System

Sep      J Mithan            Comet 21P/Giabocini-Zinner and comet naming

            G Williams        The chances of finding extra-terrestrial life

            N Ahmed           Delta IV rocket

            C Morris            reminiscences of past lectures

Oct      R Wynn              [1]   NASA's master space technicians (Jerry Nelson and Joseph Schmitt)

                                        [2]   new results from Cassini regarding the history of Saturn's moons and rings

                                        [3]   the expanding scope of exoplanet investigations TESS and TRAPPIST-1

Nov      D Fear               Victor Anestin et al - Romanian astronomy

Dec      C Morris           The early years of Gwynedd Astronomical Society - the 1970s


Jan     J Mithan           The constellation 'Auriga'

Feb     N Ahmed          Finding needles in a haystack - navigating the celestial sphere

Mar    D Robinson      Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve - the project so far and the future

Apr    P Hayman         Meteor Crater and cratering

May   G Williams        Gravity

Jun     D Fear               Jantar Mantar

Jul            tba

Sep           tba

Oct    N Brown             tba

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