Dec 1983    P Curtis                Dark matter

Jan 1984     B Jones                News from the observatories

Feb             D Evans               The Moon

Jan 1986     R Paganuzzi      X-ray astronomy 

Dec             P Curtis                Photographic and visual observation

Jan 1987     R Smith                Venus

Feb             J Thompson         The Radio Universe

Mar             P Llewellyn          Magnetism and astronomy

Apr             G Clark                Computers and astronomy

May            A Elliott               Lunar occultations

Jun              P Curtis                Radio astronomers look at the Earth

Sep             B Jones                The Magellanic Clouds

Oct              A Roberts             Making a Small Refractor

Nov            R Smith                Observing Meteors

Dec             P Curtis                Present and Future Techniques with Large Telescopes

Feb 1988    P Curtis                Life Elsewhere in the Universe

Mar             R Smith                The Giant Planets

Apr             B Jones                The Magnitude Scale

May            P Llewellyn           Light

Jun              A Baran               The Universe is One Big Plasma!

Jul               P Curtis                Life Elsewhere in the Universe

Sep             B Jones                Galaxies

Oct              R Smith                Astronavigation

Nov            P Curtis                The Temperature of the Terrestrial Planets

Dec             P Llewellyn          Cosmology

Jan 1989     P Curtis                Active Galaxies


Mar             R Smith                Mercury

Apr             P Curtis                Comets

May            P Llewellyn          The Interstellar Medium

Jun              J Thompson         Infrared and Microwave Telescopes

Jul               G Clark                Stonehenge

Sep             P Curtis                Novae

Oct              J Thompson        Deep Sky Objects

Nov            P Llewellyn          Measuring Starlight

Dec             R Smith                Star-photo Quiz

Jan 1990     P Curtis                Binary Stars

Feb              A Roberts             Computing and astronomy

Mar              R Smith                Apollo Moon landings

Apr             A Roberts             Voyager Mission to Jupiter

                   P Curtis                Type II Supernovae

May            P Llewellyn          Origin of the Solar System (early theories)

Jun              P Llewellyn          Formation of stars and the origin of the Solar System

Jul               J Thompson        Galaxies

Oct              J Thompson         Radio astronomy

Nov            P Curtis                Milankovitch Cycle and Ice Ages

Dec             A Roberts             Eyepieces

Jan 1991     B Jones                Hubble Space Telescope

Feb             P Llewellyn          Gravity

Mar             R Smith                Southern skies

Apr             J Rowlands          Light pollution

Jun              P Curtis                Pulsating variable stars

Jul               P Llewellyn          Spectra

Sep             J Rowlands          Detection of meteors with electrometers

                   P Curtis                Observing variable stars

Oct              D Fear                  Plate tectonics

Nov            D King                 Observational astronomy

Dec             P Curtis                Life in the universe

Jan 1992     D Fear                  Uranus

Jan              Star party

Feb             P Llewellyn          Black holes

Mar             D Fear                  Viking Mission to Mars

Apr             D Fear                  Jupiter

                   J Thompson         Voyager Mission to Jupiter and Saturn

May            B Jones                COBE and the expanding universe

Jun              P Curtis                Astrophotography

Jul               B Jones                Stellar spectra

Sep             P Llewellyn          Measuring the distance to the planets        

Oct              P Curtis                Dark matter

Nov            J Mithan               Deep sky observing

Dec             B Jones                Hubble Space Telescope

Jan 1993     B Jones                Comets and Giotto

Feb             P Curtis                Eruptive variable and eclipsing binary stars

Mar             P Llewellyn          Origin of the universe

Apr             D Fear                  Venus

May            A Roberts             Shareware astronomical computer programmes

Jun              D Fear                  NASA's Mission to Planet Earth

Jul               P Curtis                Astrophotography

Sep             J Thompson         Computing and rocket technology

Oct              D Fear                  Remote sensing

Nov            P Curtis                Measuring the Earth using radio telescopes / The Greenhouse Effect

Dec             P Llewellyn          Astrophotography

Jan 1994     J Thompson       Tour of the Universe

Feb             R Smith                Teaching astronomy to schoolchildren

Mar             E Greenwood       Old astronomical books

Apr             P Llewellyn          Adaptive optics

                   E Greenwood       Tides

                   D King                 Motor drives for telescopes

                   J Thompson          James Nasmyth

                   J Mithan               Aids to observation

May            P Curtis                X-ray binaries

Jun              J Mithan               Black hole in M87

                   E Greenwood       Comet Shoemaker-Levy

                   P Llewellyn          NASA bulletins on the Internet

                   D King                 SOS for the Earth / Missing mass

                   J Thompson         Deep sky objects

Jul               D Fear                  Titan

Sep             P Curtis                Dark matter

Oct              D Fear                  Shareware - Our Cosmohood / Skyglobe

Nov            E Greenwood       History of astronomy

                   J Thompson        Optical devices in astronomy

                   D King                 The use of red light in astronomy

Dec             D Fear                  CDROM - A guide to ERS-1

Jan 1995     A Roberts             Binocular observation

                   J Mithan               Extinction of the dinosaurs

                   D Fear                  ESA probe to Mercury

Feb             J Thompson       The Moon and Venus

Mar             P Llewellyn          Changing ideas about gravity

Apr             E Greenwood       The 1874 Transit of Venus

Apr             Star party

May           A Roberts             Astronomical programmes for the Amiga computer

Jun              J Thompson       Gamma-ray astronomy

Jul               D King                 Einstein's universe

Sep             D Fear                  Surfaces of the Terrestrial planets

Oct              J Mithan               The naming of lunar features

                   P Llewellyn          Ring lasers

                   E Greenwood       Camera lenses and telescopes

Nov            D King                 Shareware programmes for PC's

                   J Thompson         Microwave astronomy

Dec             P Llewellyn          The colour of stars

Jan 1996     B Lewis                Polaris

                   J Thompson        The work of David Malin

Feb             J Mithan               Planetary nebulae

Mar             Quiz

Apr             D Fear                  The contamination of space

May            A Roberts             Comet Shoemaker-Levy and Jupiter

                   J Mithan               Buckyballs

                   D King                 Bode's Law

Jun              D Hughes             The 1995 solar eclipse in India

                   J Mithan               The lunar landscape

                   D King                 Images of the Universe

Jul               Session on Internet

Sep             D Fear                  FESTIP

                   E Greenwood       Star maps

                   N Brown              A year's observing

Oct              Open day and star party

Nov            D King                 The origin and evolution of the Solar System

Dec             Quiz

Jan 1997     D Fear                  Meteorites in Wales

Feb             Session on Internet

Mar             Star party

Apr             J Mithan               Comets

May            P Llewellyn          The Sun

Jun              D Fear                  The Apollo Missions

Jul               D Fear                  The Ozone Layer / Mapping Venus' surface

Sep             M McCormick      CDROM  - Northern Mars

Oct              J Thompson        Spectral classes

Nov            Star party

Dec              D King                 Measuring the Solar System

Jan 1998     E Greenwood       Home-made spectroscopes

Feb             D Fear                  The European Space Agency

Mar             B Taylor               Black holes

Apr             M McCormick      Quantum computing

May            J Mithan               Renaissance astronomers - Copernicus

Jun              P Llewellyn          Light

Jul               J Mithan               Vision and perception

                   E Greenwood       Funding in astronomy

                   D Fear                  The Canadian space programme

                   T Rogers              The stars

Sep             D Fear                  The Japanese space programme

Oct              E Greenwood       The Sun

Nov            G Williams           Life and the Universe

Dec              Quiz Night

Jan 1999     J Mithan               Radiation and Concorde

                   G Williams           The End of the Universe

                   D King                 Von Neumann Machines and Missing Mass

Feb             E Greenwood       John Jones - Welsh Astronomer

Mar             Dr B Peiser           Comets and Disasters in the Stone Age

Apr             H Hynes               Saturn

                   D Roberts             Mars

                   M Wildsmith        Earth

May            G Williams           Quasars

Jun              J Mithan               Tycho Brahe

Jul               D Fear                  Using Space Technology in Harsh Terrestrial       and Marine Environments

Sep             P Llewellyn          Accelerating Expansion in the Universe   - A Revolution in Cosmology

Oct              D King                 Variable Stars

Nov            E Greenwood       Jupiter

Dec             Quiz Night

Jan 2000     Star Party

Feb             E Greenwood       James Nasmyth

Mar             G Bryans              Cepheid Variable Stars

Apr             Tour of D King's homebuilt observatory

May            J Mithan               Kepler

Jun              B Lewis                The Planets

Jul               P Llewellyn          Big Telescopes

Sep             J Rowlands          A North Wales Observatory

Oct              D Fear                  The Astronomical Legacy of Genghis Khan

Nov            E Greenwood       Edmund Halley

Dec             Quiz Night

Jan 2001     D King                 Charles Messier

Feb             G Williams           The International Space Station

Mar             D Fear                  The Tharsis Bulge

Apr             P Llewellyn          Gravitational Astronomy

May            Equipment viewing night

Jun              J Thompson         The Centre of our Galaxy

Jul               J Mithan               Globular clusters

Sep             D Fear                  Meteorites

Oct              D King                 M42

Nov            Quiz Night

Dec             Astronomy in Wales video

Jan 2002     G Williams           The Oort Cloud

Feb             E Greenwood       Navigation, Life and Space Travel

Mar             P Llewellyn          Cosmic Background Radiation and Quintessence

Apr             D King                 The Structure of the Sun

May            J Mithan               Open clusters

Jun              D Fear                  Ancient Celtic and Welsh Astronomy

Jul               D King                 The Earth's orbit

                   J Thompson         The Yerkes Refractor

                   J Mithan               The Astronomical slate carvings of Dyffryn Ogwen

                   E Greenwood       Timekeeping and Astronomy

Sep             S Reid                   Telescopes, a septic tank, and the national press!

Oct              B Woosnam         A history of Tal telescopes

Nov            J Thompson         Mysteries of deep space

Dec             Quiz

Jan  2003    Members forum

Feb             J Thompson        Meteors

Mar             B Woosnam        Astrophotography

Apr             D King                 The Moon

May            R Derbyshire        Eclipse in Zimbabwe

Jun              P Llewellyn          A home made magnetometer

Jul               D Fear                  The Kuiper Belt

Sep             E Greenwood       Astrology and the beginnings of astronomy

Oct              G Williams           T Tauri stars

Nov            B Woosnam          CCD Imaging/A visit to Patrick Moore's observatory

Dec             Quiz

Jan 2004     S Reid                  Planetary atmospheres

Feb             D Smith                Optics

Mar             E Greenwood       Transit of Venus

Apr             P Llewellyn          Spectroscopy

May            D Fear                  The space programmes of less-developed countries

Jun              J Mithan               Ancient astronomers

Jul               A Nourse              NASA missions and spacecraft

Sep             T Radford            An introduction to radio astronomy

Oct              J Thompson       Lunar occultations

Nov            D King                 Moons

Dec             Quiz

Jan 2005     G Williams           ET's home planet

Feb             Star party            

Mar             D Smith                The development of the astronomical telescope

Apr             P Llewellyn          Dark matter and energy

May            S Reid                  Galaxies

Jun              D Fear                  Astrobiology

Jun              Star party

Jul               J Mithan               Star maps

Sep             N Brown              The influence of celestial bodies on plants

Oct              B Woosnam        Asteroids

Oct              Star party

Nov            J Lapington          Topical developments in optical, ultraviolet  and x-ray astronomy

Dec             Quiz

Jan 2006     G Willliams          Supernovae

Feb             J Mithan               The Webb Society (Rev. TW Webb)

                   L Oldfield             Saturn V rockets

                   E Greenwood       The measurement of time

                   D King                 Iridium flares

                   D Bennett             Advances in communication

                   J Thompson       Eyepieces

Mar             no meeting (adverse weather)

Apr             D King                 Towards better seeing

May            S Reid                  Webcameras and astronomy

Jun              P Llewelyn           Aurorae

Jul               D Fear                  Spirit and Opportunity – the Martian rovers

Sep             D Fear                  Ancient Chinese astronomy

Oct              L Oldfield             Cassini, Huygens and Saturn

Nov            N Brown              The influence of celestial bodies on animals

Dec             Quiz

Jan 2007     D Fear                  COROT space telescope

                   D King                 An demonstration of a Philips’ Patent Orrery

                   G Williams           The reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field

                   J Mithan               False Moon landings – a pictorial exhibition

                   P Llewelyn           An update on the search for dark matter   

Feb             J Lapington          SWIFT and Gamma Ray Bursters

Mar             D King                 Einstein’s Universe

Apr             G Williams           Black Holes

May            D Fear                  Radio telescopes

Jun              J Thompson      Exhibition of astronomical equipment

Jul               J Mithan               The Moon

Sep             S Reid                  The history of Pluto as a planet

Oct              P Llewelyn           Cosmic jets

Nov            D Fear                  Archaeoastronomy

Dec             B Woosnam         Operating the Faulkes telescope

Jan 2008     J Thompson       Kielder star party

                   D Bennett             Hubblecasts

Feb             D Bennett             Journey to Palomar

Mar             G Williams           Measurement in Astronomy

Apr             Question and answer session

May            D King                 Daytime astronomy

Jun              E Greenwood       Uses for lenses in Astronomy

Jul               D Fear                  Long term climate change on Earth

Sep             J Mithan               Space medicine

Oct              S Reid                  Building a 16” Dobsonian telescope

Nov            B Lewis                Meteoroids and meteors

                   D Bennett             Birth of the Universe

Dec             D Fear                  Space elevators

Jan 2009     G Williams           Interstellar material

Feb             D Fear                  Where in the Universe quiz

                   H Pritchard          Superlatives in the Universe

                   J Mithan               Comet Lulin

Mar 2009    N Brown              Evolution and the beginning of life on Earth

Apr            S Reid                  Tricolour imaging

May            B Woosnam       History of astronomy

Jun              D Fear                  Spin offs from space research

Jul               B Woosnam       Solar observing

Sep             J Mithan               Science fiction

Oct              G Williams           Extra-solar planetary systems

Nov            S Reid                  One man and his Dob – observing from the summit of Snowdon

Dec             Informal discussion

Jan 2010     J Thompson       The Sun

Feb             J Thompson         Patrick Moore’s introduction to astronomy

Feb             Star party

Mar             D Hopkins/I Stokes       Solar Suite

Apr             J Mithan               Deep sky observing

May            S Reid                  Mars

Jun              D Smith                Hubble Space Telescope

Jul               D Fear                  Optical Atmospheric phenomena

Sep             G Williams           Why hasn’t ET called yet?

Oct              D Fear                  Salty geysers on Enceladus

                   J Thompson          Book review of ‘A zeptospace odyssey’

                   G Williams           Magnetic field reversals

                   J Mithan               Quiz

Nov            J Thompson         The history and observation of double stars

Dec             D Fear                  The life and work of the Rev. Dr. Nevil Maskelyne

Jan 2011     J Mithan               Open star clusters

Feb             G Williams           The inner core of the Sun

Mar             S Reid                  Models of the Solar System

Apr             DW Jones             Astrobiology

May            D Fear                  Structure of the Universe

Jun              B Woosnam         Stone Circles and astronomy

Jul               H Mithan              Geology of Mars

Sep             H Mithan              Geology of Venus

Oct              D Jones                Coronal mass ejections

Nov            D Fear                  The Mercury programme

Dec             Quiz

Jan 2012     DW Jones             Babylonian astronomy

Feb             G Williams           The outer core of the Sun

Mar             D Fear                  ‘Oh my God’ and Fly’s Eye – Cosmic Rays

Apr             J Mithan               Mediaeval astronomy

May            D Jones                Dark matter and energy

Jun              Dr A Glover          Space weather and the Sun/Earth connection

Jul               DW Jones             Hubble Space Telescope

Sep             Quiz

Oct              N Brown              Poetry and astronomy

Nov            DW Jones             Kepler Space Telescope

Dec             G Williams           The photosphere of the Sun

Jan 2013     D Jones               Measurement in astronomy

Feb             W Gash               Pulsars / Work experience in Jodrell Bank Observatory

Mar             D Fear                 Water in the Universe 1 

Apr             DW Jones             Hebrew Astronomy

May            D Fear                  Water in the Universe 2

Jun              J Mithan              Double and multiple stars

Jul               G Williams          The Sun's corona

Sep             H Mithan              What makes planets habitable?

Oct              D Jones                Extreme objects

Nov            D Fear                  Women in astronomy

Dec             Doug Jones          An ordinary piece of sky


Jan 2014    M Akesson           The development of Sun-like stars

Feb 1st        Star party             Treborth Botanical Gardens

Feb             D Fear                  Tides

Mar             D Jones                True and artificial gravity

Apr             M Akesson           The development of larger stars

May            B Woosnam         Solar observing

Jun              N Brown             The University of North Wales Museum collections

                                                location – Brambell Building, Ffordd Deiniol, Bangor

Jul               M Akesson          The development of the largest stars

Sep             H Mithan             Martian permafrost

Oct              D Fear                 Constellations

Nov            Quiz

Dec             J Mithan               Astronomy and literature


Jan 2015     D Smith               Isaac Roberts - Welsh astronomer 

Feb             D Fear                 The astronomical legacy of Genghis Khan - revisited

Mar             D Jones               Comets and the Rosetta probe

Apr             J Thompson         How to find the stars

May            D Fear                   Vesta

Jun              Practical session on how to use a telescope.

Jul               “10 minute lecturettes”

Sep             D Fear                    Science fiction and science fact

Oct              K Reid                   Volcanoes

Nov           H Mithan                New Horizons and Pluto

Dec            D Jones                Asteroids

Jan 2016  G Williams          New planets and the search for extraterrestrial life

Feb         N Brown              Shared names of nature and  the night sky

                           Meeting to be held in the Brambell building, Ffordd Deiniol

Mar        Practical session on how to use a telescope

Apr        D Fear                  Two competing theories on Mercury's low reflectance surface

               J Mithan              Rupes Recta - the Moon's 'Straight Line'

               D W Jones           An introduction to the 55 Cancri system

               I DePledge           Laniakea - our own supercluster

               N Ahmed              The discovery of a white dwarf with an oxygen atmosphere

May        N Ahmed             A brief introduction to astrophotography

Jun         D W Jones           Hyper-velocity stars

Jul          R Wynn               The economics of space exploration

Sep         J Mithan              Dark matter - a threat to life?

Oct         P Wise                 A brief history of the telescope

Nov        N Ahmed              The Galactic Eye of Sauron - NGC 4151

               D Jones                Ultra-luminous X-Ray sources in NGC 5128 - Centaurus A

               D Jones                Planet 9 and the tilt of the Sun

               J Ditchfield          Astronaut twins - Scott and Mark Kelly

               D Fear                 Proxima Centauri

Dec        Quiz night

Jan 2017  D Jones                How to stop a dinosaur killer

Feb       DW Jones             Climate change

Mar      D Fear                  Active galactic nuclei

Apr       R Wynn               Stardust speckled gutters

              D Fear                 Lomonosov Crater on Mars

              DW Jones           QSO 3C 186 Gravitational waves and a recoiling black hole

May      N Ahmed             "May the fourth be with you"

Jun       R Wynn               Space art

             N Ahmed             Abell 370 and black holes

             C Morris              Discovering comets

            J Mithan               The Starchip Enterprise

Jul        Practical session "Using a hydrogen alpha solar scope"

Sep       D Fear                 The space programme of the UAE